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Every day we connect with others to shape the world around us.

At OFS Brands, we are about a group of people working together for a common goal: making every day better for us and the next generation.

"What you make people feel is as important as what you make."

While other manufacturers may claim to have a furniture-making heritage as strong as ours, few can equal our commitment to our customers. Our operating philosophy is that our customer is our business. That's why we strive to provide the products you're looking for - products that not only meet but exceed your expectations for quality and value, while being delivered on OFS Brands company-owned transportation vehicles.

At OFS Brands, you won't find big company committees waiting for other committees to make a decision about what furniture we'll be producing this year. What you will find are craftspeople who are dedicated to creating the office furniture you need.

Through the years, OFS Brands has 'crafted' our company into a customer-focused team. We still believe in service with a smile, and that means we aim to please. Our employees are dedicated craftspeople who take great pride in producing the finest quality furniture.

OFS Brands is the parent company for OFS, First Office, Carolina, Loewenstein, and Styline Logistics, all working together to create a better future.

OFS Desks & Offices
OFS Desks & Offices

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