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For over 65 years Color Art Furniture Services has helped make St. Louis businesses look their best.

Business Asset Management, Furniture Storage & Bar Coding

Why do you keep taking up valuable square footage with office furniture or office supplies? Do you have furniture that is piled up in offices or do you have over-crowding? Please consider Color Art Furniture Services because we have over 60 years of experience with handling office furniture storage and we have taken inventories and managed storage for Fortune 500 companies in St. Louis.

  • Save money per square foot.
  • Keep your storage safe and secure.
  • We have the space and the experience.

We can take inventory of all your furniture that is stored in our warehouse or at your location for accurate reporting. Please let us take care of tracking what you have in furniture storage and making sure it isn't just sitting in any average storage unit wasting away. Take a look around your office and let us know if we can help consolidate your space and save you money. 

Request a service quote for your furniture storage, asset management and bar coding needs.

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