Jennifer wasJennifer Graham | Vice President, Workplace Strategies an SIU-Carbondale, Saluki where she earned her degree in Interior Design. After graduation she worked on her AutoCAD skills at a metal manufacturer. Her first job in St. Louis was with Arcturis where she became one of the first on-site Facilities Planners for Edward Jones. From there she had various roles and leadership opportunities at Knoll Textiles and Herman Miller. Jennifer came to Color Art about 13 years ago to join the Workplace Strategies Team.

AF So what does Workplace Strategies team do?
We guide clients through discussions or workshops to uncover their business objectives and growing pains. We use research and design to help alleviate this pain. We provide thought starters that show how we can meet functional and aesthetic goals And we help the sales team set a realistic budget. We find that being on the same page early in the process improves communication and satisfaction.

AF What’s your favorite thing about Color Art?
JG My favorite thing right now is that we invested in our space. Having a space that reflects and supports your company’s values and culture is key to engagement in the workplace. Second, I would say, I love this job! We are focused and forward thinking about trends in the workplace. Moving a company or redesigning a facility is usually not a full-time job for our clients. We make sure the process simple and that it helps them attain their business goals. We have a process that is very expedient and successful.

AF What would your hobby be if money weren’t an issue?
JG I would begin construction on our lake house. Immediately. I would become the full-time general contractor. (laughs) The lake house is key to drawing our grown kids home after college. (laughs) We plan to have Christmases and Thanksgivings with our kids and their future families.

AF What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?
JG I think everyone should have a job that allows them to be their authentic self. They should be around people who are OK with who they are, all day, every day. I have it here and I believe everyone deserves it where they work. They should find a place that allows them to be who they are.

AF Any go-to television shows?
JG I watch so many shows that allow me to zone-out. (laughs) By late evening I can’t think any longer. I was watching Survivor the other day and noticed that I couldn’t follow the strategy. Maybe it is time for something even more simple. (laughs)

AF What’s your favorite way to start the day?
JG Well, my answer SHOULD BE that I meditate but in reality, I watch something random on Netflix while I get ready in the morning. It’s 30 minutes of me-time to put my headphones on with no interruptions. I made the mistake of starting my morning with This Is Us and ended up crying. That won’t happen again. (laughs)

Sports Teams Cardinals, Blues.
Superhero Ok. This is going to sound silly but I’ve often called my husband Dudley Do-Right because he always comes to save the day. That character has become very endearing to me.
Movie Princess Bride and a Knight’s Tale. Those two movies are always on TV at any given moment.
Holiday Summer vacation!! (laughs) It is a lot less work than other holidays.
Dessert Angel food cake with my mom’s divinity icing. It is like heaven; pure pink sugar almost as good as cotton candy in icing form.
Pineapple on your pizza? NO!
St. Louis Destination I love the original Old Spaghetti Factory on the Landing. As kids my parents would drive us an hour to downtown for special occasions. As an adult it is where my husband proposed. We still go there because it holds a lot of memories for us.