Christine Hoffmann, President, FurnitureChristine is a St. Louis and Missouri native. She attended Incarnate Word Academy for high school and the University of Missouri for college where she obtained a Business Degree. She spent four years selling computers followed by a brief stint with the Business Journal. She found the furniture industry as a result of selling a special advertising section to someone in the business. Her background is Herman Miller and Knoll but came to Color Art almost 18 years ago when her daughter, Paige, was 2.

CH I wanted to be able to hang with her. My next professional step would have required global travel and, as exciting as that sounds, it was not the right time for me so, I came to Color Art for personal reasons but stayed for the professional ones. I love this place.

AF What is your favorite thing about Color Art?
CH There’s always a new challenge. There’s always something new to do, some new task to take on. That and I think there’s a really strong entrepreneurial spirit here. We want to do things right but are also willing to take risks. Color Art is a good place to have an entrepreneurial mind as well as the comfort of a well-run, financially stable company. When I started, we had just launched the Technology division. Soon after that, a team of people and I began the Healthcare and Workplace Strategies and teams. A lot of things have grown and merged and evolved in 17 years. It has been really fun to watch.

AF Did you ever feel scared?
CH No. Not really. Change has never really bothered me. (thinks) Maybe a little now in this new role. I feel like there are many more responsibilities and more people’s lives of which I’m technically a steward so, we have to do a good job here. AF I’d never thought about it like that. That’s a lot of pressure. CH Yeah. But we have good team members. If it were all me, there’d be no way. Having good people on the team makes all the difference. We’ve hired good people and I feel really really good about where we are right now.

AF Yeah! Me too. I feel like the future is really bright.
CH Thank you. That’s good. I think the hardest part of my job is when I know things are going to change but not being able to say anything about it. There are procedures we have to follow from a leadership standpoint because usually there’s more than one person affected. The worst thing you could do is preempt an important change with a lot of gossip.

AF Is there any job you feel like you’d be really terrible at?
CH Oh yeah. Being a teacher. I taught Sunday School and Girl Scouts for many many years and I loved it, seeing the kids develop but, you know, it takes a lotta, lotta work to have a good classroom. It’s high energy and takes a lot of patience and I’m not a wildly patient person.

AF If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would it be?
CH Cleaning! Cleaning would be my Olympic Sport. I hate to say it but I’m a neat nick, I’m allergic to clutter. When I travel with my husband I have to mentally prepare myself for how cluttered he’s gonna make the bathroom. (laughs) I do! I have to mentally prepare myself when I’m on the plane.

AF If you didn’t sleep, what would you do with your free time?
CH Oh gosh. I love to hike. AF What’s your favorite trail? CH Camelback in Scottsdale. It’s a pretty decent elevation so it’s not easy, there’s some climbing involved, but it’s a nice a six-ish mile loop

AF Do you remember the name and type of your first pet?
CH Well yeah ‘cause I didn’t get it until I was an adult! (laughs). My mom was afraid of dogs so we didn’t have any dogs growing up. My dad raised canaries as a side business but really my first dog was Ginger, the one we bought for my daughter.

AF What’s your favorite kind of book to read?
CH ALL kinds. I like mysteries, I like action, I like business books, classics. You come to my house I have almost any kind of book. I’ve typically got like, four goin’ at a time. AF Do you ever stop reading a book if you’re not into it? CH Oh yeah. If it’s not fun or I’m not gonna learn anything or it’s not gonna “take” me somewhere? Oh yeah. I’ll stop and pick it up some other time.

AF Pineapple on your pizza? Yes or No.
CH Noooo. No way. Pineapple does not belong on pizza.

TV Show OH shoot, what’s the name of that one where all those guys are nerds and a girl lives next door…? Big Bang Theory! I’m not a big TV person but my daughter got me hooked. That and the Food Network.
Sports Teams My daughter’s, TCU. Baseball, basketball, football.
Movie Sound of Music. I could watch it over and over again.
Holiday I love holidays but I’d have to say my favorite is Easter. We used to always have Easter at our house, the whole family, my in-laws, my sister, her husband, maybe his kids
Dessert Bread Pudding
St. Louis Destination The Hill. I grew up going to the Hill with my dad. I’m half Italian so every Saturday morning my dad would take me and my sister to Viviano’s and we’d get pickles and olives and groceries and stuff. It was great.

AF Anything else you want the World to know?
CH I love my daughter! (laughs) I love being a mom. Never thought I’d love being a mom but I love being a mom.