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Message from our Chairman of the Board, Joe Steiner:

Being socially and corporately responsible for all of our actions is, in our opinion, a part of how every Company should conduct their business. With respect to sustainability, our efforts to minimize our footprint on the environment will impact the future of our children, our planet, and the legacy that we will leave for future generations at Color Art. Therefore, I have tasked our Organization to develop and measure our sustainability efforts to achieve our goals in this area. As a result, the "Goin Green Team" has developed the following Mission Statement and corresponding objectives.

All of us at Color Art Integrated Interiors live and work in a way that minimized our impact on the environment. To lead and educate our team and our community through the examples we set and raise our voices together to encourage sustainability and reductions of our footprint for the benefit of future generations.

Joe Steiner
Chairman of the Board

View Our Environmental Product Map:

Environmental Porduct Map
PowerPoint Map



View Our Environmental Awards:

PDF Map2012 Green Business Challenge Award

PDF Map2012 Green Business Challenge Highlights



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