The Chairman’s Message

 Joe Steiner
Joe Steiner, CEO

In 1946 the Color Art tradition began as a small company selling printing and specialty office equipment. Since then, Color Art has become a nationally recognized Office Environment Center. As the needs of our customers have changed, so has the mix of our products and services to respond to and serve those requirements. Our integrated product and service capabilities result in solutions that help our Customers plan and nurture their businesses for efficiency and effectiveness.

"What's Inside Counts": Through the years, our goal has always been, and will continue to be a customer-focused approach towards creating efficient and effective business environments. This commitment to our customers manifests itself in three primary areas: quality products, quality services, and quality people. In addition, this philosophy is implemented with an "in-house" approach to ensure performance levels to our Clients. Every Team Member at Color Art understands the importance of these facets and has made quality and customer satisfaction their business. What's Inside of our business can help What's Inside of yours.

Come visit us. You'll find out why "What's Inside Counts"!

- Joe Steiner

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