How We Do It

Complimentary Art Consultation Services

  • Listening to and understanding the client’s needs
  • Combining your vision and budget needs with our design initiatives to form an integrated art program exceeding expectations.
  • Providing visual presentations of proposed selections
  • Endless options can included in your art design; fine art prints and photography, limited editions, local art, originals, mobiles, sculptures, and more! We work with hundreds of local artists to bring you great new art!


  • Documents used to track each project from conception to completion including all costs
  • Floor plan with art selections—great tool for seeing how the art will move through the facility.
  • Custom Proposals—includes an image of art selections, Title of the artwork, Finish Size, Medium, and location (based on art locations on floor plan)


  • Online collaboration tools set up with workspaces for each area needing art
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