Healthcare Artwork


Imagine a state-of-the art healthcare facility guided by principles of design that promote wellness, comfort, and healing.

What is Evidence-Based Design (EBD)?

Evidence-based design (EBD) is the process of basing decisions about the built environment on credible research to achieve the best possible outcomes. (TCFHD, 2008)

“A well-designed building is generally aesthetically pleasing, functionally effortless, and extraordinarily experiential.”  —Rosalyn Cama (Evidence-Based Healthcare Design)

Ongoing research is providing evidence on the Impact of positive distractions such as artwork and music on stress reduction and anxiety. Thoughtful evidence-based facility design can help bring the patient, staff and families into the center of the health care experience, increase patient safety and enhance the overall quality of care provided


  • Our population is growing, aging, and in need of more and more healthcare services—hospitals need to improve their efficiency and provide the best care for patients and staff.
  • Healthcare is constantly evolving towards better economic design solutions.


  • Base decisions on accepted EBD research to provide a healing environment that promotes physical and spiritual wellness of the patients and providers.
  • Combining the synergy of Art, Architecture, and EBD in a physical environment can improve the over-all performance, including;
    • Increasing healthcare quality, efficiency, and safety
    • Influencing well-being
    • Promoting healing
    • Relieving patient pain and stress
    • Reducing medical errors, infections, and falls
  • Research suggests that appropriate art can help:
    • Reduce stress and anxiety--
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Reduce need for pain medication
    • Increase patients’ trust and confidence
    • Be a positive distraction for patients, visitors, and staff.


We interact with our surroundings through our five senses:

Sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Hospitals, more than any other project types, depend on the positive influence of the art program. Good art programs complement the interior design concept celebrating cultural diversity and the healing influence of nature.

The importance of first impressions, ease of way finding, celebrating local culture and ethnicities, all help to create an ambience that encourages art appreciation and the establishment of a ‘pride of place’ concept.

Pickett Design Associates Principal Christine Hardin

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