Q: What does your Complimentary Consultation service include?

We want our clients to spend their budget on ART. Not fees. We encourage the budget to be spent only on the artwork, its delivery and installation. We will design an art package based on a client's preferences of substrate, finishes, subject matter, style, etc. The client will receive an art selector, artwork placement floor plan and quote throughout the design process. Reworks of a projects will be allowed within the specified limit, which will vary based on project size.  Upon exceeding the allowed reworks, additional reworks will be subject to additional design fees.

Please note that projects including branding artwork may include complimentary consultation services only when the client's marketing materials and branding designs are provided by the client. Design services required for branding artwork will be subject to additional design fees.



Q: What kinds of market do you specialize in?
A: We specialize in designing quality art programs for healthcare, corporate, government, education, hospitality and other commercial interiors.
Q: Are you limited to specific region within the country?
A: No, we have nationwide exposure and trained personnel to install anywhere in the country! We can also ship internationally! We can provide Union and Non-Union labor for installations.
Q: Am I able to incorporate the existing artwork in my facility for my current project?
A: Absolutely!  We can certainly include your existing pieces when designing an art proposal. To incorporate consistency and update existing artwork, we are also able to reframe any existing pieces.
Q: How long does an order take to design, produce, and ship?

This all depends on the size of the art package, the quantity of artwork requested and the consistency of communication with the client and end users.

On average, most clients can receive a design proposal within one to two weeks, production and shipping in most case will take three to four weeks. Always feel free to call and request deadlines from your Art Consultant.

Q: Is there any project too small or too large?
A: No, we welcome any size project from one piece or 1000 pieces!
Q: Does Color Artwork have the manpower to complete large projects?
A: Absolutely!  We can work on projects large or small nationwide.
Q: Can you recommend local artists?
A: Absolutely! We have acquired a network of artists nationwide, and can recommend artists local to your area in any region. We support local artists and prefer to work with the artist directly rather than through a gallery.
Q: Does Color Artwork focus solely on local projects, or are you capable of assisting clients outside of Missouri?
A: We can work on a project anywhere in the country. Depending on the needs of the project we can be on site for any project and in meetings whenever needed, we can also be available to oversee the installation. (travel fees may apply.)

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