About Us | who we are and what we do

Color Artwork is dedicated to designing harmonious environments that are beautiful, sustainable and productive. Selecting art for any environment is a collaborative process; to capture the vision of the client, architect, and design team we create art programs with integrity and purpose.


  • To Transform, to inspire, to enlighten, to Change and to Heal through the power of Art.
  • To create Art designs using evidence-based design in the selection of images.
  • To design extraordinary art that contributes to the physical and spiritual wellness of it’s audience.


  • We begin the process by getting to know you and anyone on the art committee.
  • We listen to YOU—While our art consultant is the expert, their role is to guide, facilitate and strengthen your vision. Ultimately the artwork chosen is for YOUR facility.
  • We want all stakeholder’s to LOVE the art that they see throughout the facility.
  • We value everyone’s input.
  • Complimentary Art Consultation—We want to provide our clients’ with a final Artwork proposal that is sensitive to their budgets. Our complimentary consultation service encourages a budget to be spent on the artwork, delivery and installation. Not on consultation and design fees. 
    (Click here for Complimentary Consultation specifics and disclaimers.)
  • On-line collaboration tools are available to ensure the art selection process runs efficiently and smoothly. All invested parties will have easy access to art selections in real time to ensure no voice is left unheard.
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