Mary Deweese Dazzle Zazz Abstract Photography

Dazzle Zazz Abstract PhotographyDazzle Zazz is a collection of photography by Mary Deweese who specializes in abstract modern light photography for commercial, hospitality and modern homes. All of Mary’s images come straight from the camera with little to no post processing. All of the special effects and all the variations you see in her subject matter come from the creative use of lights, mirrors, prisms, lens filters, and a few trade secrets. Creating these images without the use of digital design enhancement captures the variations and natural luminance that vector art and other digital creation techniques just can’t reproduce.

Mary’s photographs have been used in numerous interior design settings, advertising, and multi media projects including appearances in Rolling Stone Magazine, Samsung Technology Promotions and Modern Interiors.

“I am fascinated by taking photos of light. I love getting images of things that aren't really there, or were only there for a moment. I love the way that from the angle/sensor of the camera something that isn't solid or with any actual form or mass can be a sparkle, and you can catch it and make it into lasting reality. It is very much about my fascination with the science of the way light behaves. I am ever amazed by the way colors change, and mix, and move. I feel as if I am taking photos of another dimension, one that you can only see through my camera, a hidden ethereal world. 

The world is a very bright place from behind my lens.”  

-Mary Deweese



Examples of Mary's Work



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